Upcoming short-term Trips


In order to make sure our trips support the ongoing ministry of our global partners and receiving missionaries, everyone applying to participate in a Sojourn Global Trip should be able to meet the following requirements:

  1. Believer in Christ
  2. Must be a regular attendee of Sojourn Woodstock, unless special circumstances apply. Membership is not required; however, members may be given preference in the selection process when spots are limited.
  3. Be active in community at Sojourn
  4. Complete and pass a background check (most of our trips partly include ministry to children)

If you meet all of these, you can express interest in a trip by clicking on the button below!


We believe the gospel draws us into the presence of God and then sends us out as ambassadors for Christ in the world. One of the ways we seek this vision is through short-term missions. For those of you who go with us, we have four primary goals for you personally:
1) Communion - Alongside the Holy Spirit, we will help you learn to be with Jesus daily.
2) Blessing - You will learn to bless those who receive you.
3) Sacrifice -  You will practice serving each member of your team sacrificially.
4) Serve - You will experientially learn to serve the nations.


Short-term trips done well can serve to further the advance of the gospel, encourage long-term workers, and strengthen the sending church. Short-term trips done poorly can do an incredible amount of damage to the receiving ministry or field team. In order to avoid being any hindrance to gospel advance among the nations, we have five primary strategies to ensure that we are helping and not hurting:
1) Learn - We go with a humble posture ready to learn.
2) Observe -  We go seeking to observe the work God is doing through long-term workers.
3) Encourage - We go seeking to encourage those who will remain long after we are gone.
4) Help - We will only offer help that is specific and requested.
5) Give - We give sacrificially with the careful direction of the receiving ministry or field team.


Each of the various short-term trips we embark on are valuable for different reasons. Some, likely most, of our trips will be a combination of two or more of these categories. The four types of trips we pursue are:
1. Exposure Trips - the main goal is to expose church members to what is happening around the world and give them a vision and desire to be more involved.
2. Care Trips - the main goal is to encourage and care-for the long-term workers and their kids. These trips also help participants better represent the long-term workers back home.
3. Specialized Trips - these trips meet specific need requested by the receiving team. These needs could be pastor training, agricultural training, business consulting, micro-finance, etc...
4. Evangelism Trips - many places take long-term workers years to learn the nuances of sharing their faith. There are, however, many places in the world where evangelistic trips can be very effective. These trips serve to come alongside long-term workers in sowing ministry.
At Sojourn we believe every Christ-follower is called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to make Kingdom impact not only in their own local community but among all nations. I would love to connect with you and chat more about serving globally! There is a place for everyone in God's mission to the nations. Let's find yours!