A Messy Home / An Open Heart
by Mitch Pinion on September 18th, 2023
In a time where we cannot decipher the real from the fake, the world, more and more, is going to hunger for something refreshingly authentic.   Read More
A Short Guide for Bible-Reading
by Mitch Pinion on August 28th, 2023
“If I told you there were millions of dollars in gold buried in your backyard, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to learn how to dig it up?” This is what a mentor told me when I tried explaining to him that I didn’t know how to read my Bible. See, what he knew, and what I came to learn, is that God’s Word is a treasure unlike any other.   Read More
9 Tim Keller Quotes
by Mitch Pinion on July 12th, 2023
9 Tim Keller quotes that are so good, you should have to pay to read them.  Read More
A Congregation of Ministers
by Mitch Pinion on June 6th, 2023
I think we all love that Sojourn Sundays are dealt with casually, and invite a ‘come as you are’ mentality, but I think if we aren’t careful, a collective desire to make Sundays comfortable might cause us to miss out on having deep, serious conversations around the things of God. I know I have fallen into that exact posture many a Sunday. But, if we can’t speak seriously and honestly about spiritual things AT CHURCH, then where can we?   Read More
Elder Spotlight | Brian Sholly
by Mitch Pinion on January 19th, 2023
I had the chance to sit down with Newly installed elder, Brian Sholly, to get to know him, and to hear his heart for the church. I thought it would be beneficial to offer you a seat at our table so that you can get to know him along with me.  Read More
Elder Spotlight | Bryon Thomas
by Mitch Pinion on January 19th, 2023
Bryon & I sat down for tea in Woodstock while Dreams by Fleetwood Mac played in the background. This was my first time meeting Bryon, and so if you are in that same boat, let this serve as an introduction to one of our newly installed elders.  Read More