We're so glad you're here!!! No matter what led you to check us out, God has a plan and purpose for you. He's calling you into a life-long journey with Him each day. On this journey with Jesus, we need each other to grow and become the men and women that God has made us to be: people of joy, peace, love, and wisdom. Sojourn Students is a place where we strive to learn that path together, walking alongside Christ. We'd love for you to join us in that journey. God has a purpose for you, no matter what anyone else might say: He knows You, Loves You, and Likes You. When Jesus talks about His friends, He talks about YOU! If we can serve you in any way, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Director of Worship & Students Ministry

Weekly Announcements!

NEW SERIES | He Gave Us Stories

This Fall, we’ll be digging into some of the most well known stories of the Bible: from creation to David & Goliath, from Noah’s Ark to Joseph’s coat of many colors, and many more. Sometimes we know the story so well that we miss out on so much. God gave us these stories to not only reveal Himself but also to reveal our own story. Ask your student each week what God is inviting them to remember through these old stories of the scriptures. I’ll send some questions home too for you each week with the lesson. You’ll find those in the app each week!


Sept. 30 - oct. 2

Join us for an epic adventure this fall at Camp Glisson! More info coming soon!


Sept. 11 | NOV. 13

This Semester, we're going to embrace opportunities to learn to serve our church and community! One opportunity will be to join a Sunday Serve Team for the day during service on different Sundays throughout the semester. In the calendar,  you'll see when we’re hosting those and will be able to sign up and to register to serve on a team! You might be helping greet, setup, teardown, work with kids, and much more! Keep a look out for those forms when we send them out! The first one is on Sept. 11th, and we’ll provide more info the week before!

What's Coming Up?