Sojourn Community Groups exist to empower people to faithfully practice the way of Jesus with others.

What Is A Community Group?

God designed you to live in community where you are known and know others. Community where your lives together show what Jesus is like to those who don’t yet know Him. At Sojourn, we believe a great way for this to happen is in what we call a community group (CG). A CG is a group of 8-15 people who are striving to practice the way of Jesus together in normal, everyday life. Together, we seek to grow as disciples, live as family, serve others, and be witnesses of the gospel to those who don’t yet know and follow Jesus.

Why Community?

We all want to belong and to be known by others—God created us for community. But whether you’re scared of rejection, think you don’t have time in your schedule, or have had bad experiences in the past, being part of community is sometimes a messy and difficult. We want to push back on the program-driven and consumerist approach to church and community. Rather, we want to be Christ-followers who share all of their life with others and engage regularly with people who don’t yet know and follow Jesus.

What Does Life in a Community Group Look Like?

Community Groups typically meet on a weekly basis to share food, deepen relationships, & pray together. Weekly meetings look different from group to group and week-to-week. Some weeks, groups engage in sermon discussion using one of our discussion guides. Other weeks, groups might have an outward focus where they serve a specific group together. Groups with families might take a week to focus on discipling the kids in the Community Group.