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The Apostle Peter writes to a people who have been uprooted from their homes and scattered throughout the Roman World.  Many are isolated, some are being persecuted and all searching for hope and purpose in their current situation.

The first chapter of Peter's letter is filled with the good news of God's grace.  in chapter 2, this grace is summed up in the pronoun "HIM." That is, God's grace not only gives us hope in God's work (ch.1) but also draws us to His presence.  He is the one the Scripture calls the 'rock' and 'cornerstone.'

In a search for hope and purpose, the Scripture draws us back to this question, "who or what am i building my life on?"  There is only one foundation for us to build on, one cornerstone for us to cling to, Jesus Christ.

The rest of chapter 2 is grounded upon this truth.
As we cling to Christ, we are cemented together as a community and actively live to declare the praise of God. (v.4-5/v.9-10)

The Christian life begins with a taste of Christ. . . when we trust in Him we experience the sweet taste of His salvation. (v.3)  Although the Christian life begins with trusting, it is fleshed out in a daily decision to delight in the one who has saved us.  (v.4)

We must daily come to Christ, to delight again in the sweet taste of salvation- to be captivated by His beauty, to cling to Him for our security and to build our life upon His victorious work.

And as we come to Him, the end result is that we are cemented together in Community.  (v.5)

it is like sports fanatics in our culture.  Because of their delight in the victories of their team, they naturally gather with fans and celebrate the works and wins of the team that they delight in.

The community of God is described as a 'chosen people,' 'a royal priesthood,' 'a holy nation,' and 'a treasured possession.' (v.9)  We will take these one at a time in future posts, but the good news that the Scripture is highlighting, is that we are a new people whose identity comes from the accomplishments of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

We have a New Identity, rooted not in what we do (or have done) but in what Christ did.
The call of the scripture is for the people of God to live out the identity that has already been secured for them.
That is, we are called to live out who we already are in Christ.

As the church lives as the people of God, we proclaim the excellencies (the worth and works) of God before a watching world.

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to Ponder:

as God's people, we must daily draw near and delight in Christ and cling to him as our secure foundation.

Q. what are you clinging to for security (whether in circumstance or relationships) today?

as Gods people, the result of delighting in and clinging to Christ is that we grow closer in community with the church.

Q. what does your relationship with the church communicate about my relationship to Christ?

as church goers, it is possible to give ourselves to the service of the church and to attend church gatherings regularly, not because we are clinging to Christ but because the cornerstone we are building our lives on is that of acceptance through religious attendance of self-righteousness through religious works.

Q. do you often fight feelings of superiority when you gather at church or find yourself judging the religious lives and motivates of others?
Q. do you find that you are only involved in the life of the church when you are using your gifts and talents to serve?


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