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Purposefully Present

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the Gospel calls us to be present. in this place. on purpose.

We love Woodstock's vision for Downtown.
A Vision for Community.
A Call to embrace whats Local.

Staying Local is a call to be Rooted...

Its a call that invites the individual into the workings of the community,
A call to support my neighbor,
To know not just the product, but the person.
Its a call to not only be a consumer but a customer, a regular.

We embrace the Vision to be Local because
we believe that God has placed us Here on Purpose.

We believe that God has called us out of isolation and into community,
Through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.
Through Him, we have assurance in being known without fear,
To experience life together,
To linger in relationship,
To gather and give of ourselves for the sake of others,
To know our neighbor,
To be known, in community.

We exist to declare the worth of God in this Place.
To make know the message of Hope to every resident of Woodstock.

We believe God has placed us here on purpose.
And we want to be purposely present in this place.


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