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How Is Christ Shaping Your Summer

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Originally posted in 2014,
Sojourn's First Summer.

Summer is usually a 'dry season' for the church.  A time where many church members "take a break" from the church thing.
At Sojourn, we are reminded that what we do flows out of who we are.  My identity shapes my lifestyle.  The summer may look different- but my identity in the Savior has not changed a bit.
A recent question by Todd Engstrom struck me, "what if your church continued to be a spiritual family this summer, instead of pushing pause?"
We believe that faith in the savior makes us family with those He has saved.  We see the church as a family we belong to, not a place we attend or an organization we're a part of.  Though my family routine may change this summer, photo-25I never take a break from being family.
There is no denying that the church community must adjust in the summer.  Vacations and Cookouts at the Lake will crush momentum at the worship gathering.  Attendance on Sundays will dip significantly.  But that doesn't mean that ministry stops.
What if SUMMER was a time for your Faith COMMUNITY TO GROW CLOSE?
A time for believers to gather regularly for fellowship around the grill, board games or movie nights.  A time for kids to stayed over while parents enjoyed coffee and conversation.  A time for double dates and vacationing together.
What if SUMMER was a time to connect your Faith COMMUNITY to THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW CHRIST?
A time for believers to host block parties and to serve their neighborhoods.  A time to host cookouts and to connect with neighbors.  A time to listen to someone's story and to share the good news of Christ with those in need.
Summer is a hard time for new things and big programs, but a great time to be present with others.  It is time to rejoice in what God has done and to make known the hope of Christ in community together.
Q.  How are you purposefully present with your neighbors this season?
Q.  How are you seeking to grow closer to brothers and sisters in your faith family?
Q.  How is the good news of Christ causing you to rest and celebration this summer?

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