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Devotion: John 2-4

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We are in the midst of a 14week study on the Gospel according to John.  Our aim is to pursue the person and promise of Jesus Christ as a community.  As we work through the Word together, we are making a short devotional available to you each week.

<Click Here to Listen to the Sermon: Sunday. Sept. 1.  "The Living Water">



Reading: John 2:13-22

Q. What do you learn about Jesus from these verses?
Q. Why was Jesus upset with what was happening in the temple?  What was suppose to be happening?
Q. The Jews demanded that Jesus prove His authority over them.  In what ways do you sometimes struggle to live under God’s authority?



Prayer: Father, I confess that I struggle to accept your authority when you rearrange my plans according to your will.  I thank you Father, that you have saved me once and for all when Christ’s body, the true temple, was destroyed and rebuilt.



Deeper- Q. How can the church community play a role and reminding each other of God’s authority over us?


Reading: John 3:1-22


Q. What does it mean for a person to be born again?
Q. What do we learn from Jesus’ comparison of his death to the story of Moses lifting up the serpent? (see Numbers 21:1-9)
Q. Nicodemus was a great teacher, yet he didn’t understand or believe Jesus.  How is knowledge and belief different?
Q. What does Jesus say is the requirement for being a part of God’s kingdom?  What is God’s Kingdom?



Prayer: Father, I praise you sending your Son to die for my sin and the sins of the people of this world.  Cause me to long for the life that Christ has made possible and to make that life known through my life.



Deeper- Q. Jesus said people love darkness because of their evil deeds.  How does the way we hide our sin from one another reveal our love for our sin?


Reading John 3:22-36

Where do you see grace in this passage?
Q. How do vv.34-36 affect your view of Jesus’ words?
Q. What does it mean that Jesus is called a groom who has come for his bride? (see Hosea 2:16-30)
Q. Where in your life do you see the need to make Jesus greater and yourself less?


Prayer: Father, I thank you that you have sought to remove your wrath from me by pouring it out on Jesus instead.  I pray that you would cause me to rejoice in Christ, that I would delight in making myself less and seeing more of him.  I pray father for  (be specific __________), who is choosing to reject Jesus and the life he has made possible.




Deeper Q. Describe what it would look like for our church community to become less and make Jesus greater?  (how does that shape community group, worship gathering and our presence in Woodstock?)


Reading John 4:1-38

Q. How would you respond to someone who sat down and told you every hidden sin in your past?
Q. Who are the people in your life now that need the message of Jesus’ living water?
Q. What does it mean to be a worshipper of God in the everyday routine of life?
Q. How is the great number of lost people in our world affecting your life?



Prayer: Father, thank you for pursuing sinners through Jesus Christ.  Though I fear my sin being exposed, thank you for loving me enough to expose the things I trust in apart from you and for filling me with your presence through your Holy Spirit.  May my life be a witness to your work.




Deeper Q. How does it strike you that God knows everything about you and still chooses to have a relationship with you?


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