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Devotion: John 1prtII

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We are in the midst of a 14week study on the Gospel according to John.  Our aim is to pursue the person and promise of Jesus Christ as a community.  As we work through the Word together, we are making a short devotional available to you each week.
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JOHN 1. Part 2
Reading: John1:14-18.
Q. What do you learn about Jesus from these verses?
Q. What do you see Jesus doing in these verses?
Q. How does the truth that Jesus is the initiator in salvation and our relationship with Him encourage you today?
Q. Why do you think John connects the Law of Moses to Jesus’ ministry and what does it mean for us to receive grace upon grace?
Prayer:Father, I thank you that you that Jesus Christ has brought grace to everyone under the law.  I praise you, for I am a sinner who falls short of your holy law and through Christ alone I receive grace beyond measure.  Please cause me to rest and rejoice in this truth.
Application Q. 
V.18 makes clear that Jesus Christ is the only means to see the Father.  Ho are you actively looking to Christ today to shape how you feel, what you think and how you behave today?
Reading: John 1:19-28.
Q. How does John the Baptist define himself?
Q. How would you characterize John’s attitude towards Jesus?  What specifically gives you that impression?
Q. What is the purpose of John’s work in ministry?
Q. What do you learn about the character of John by his refusal of titles and the way he explained his work?
Q. How is the Testimony of John a good example for us to follow?
Prayer:Father, I thank you that you use normal people for your glory.  Even the Baptizer, a grizzly man from the wilderness is used mightily by you.  I pray that you would empower me today to bear witness to the savior.  Help me to see witness, as the primary aim of every area of life.
Application Q. All Christ followers are called to be witnesses in this world.  This drastically impacts every area of our lives, including our work.  What hinders you from seeing your work as a means of witness?
Reading: John 1:29-30

What do you learn about Jesus from these verses?

Q. How is that Jesus can both ‘come after’ John and be ‘before him?’
Q. What does it mean that Jesus is the Lamb of God?  (see Exodus 12:1-30)
Q. What would it look like for a community to continually call each other to behold Jesus Christ?
Q. What attributes of God do you see in this passage and how do those attributes effect your relationship with Him today?
Prayer:Father, I thank you for keeping your promise to send a savior.  I praise you that the good news of the Lamb goes out to all the world.  I pray that the truth of being cleansed by Christ would give me confidence to draw near to you and others in community.
Application Q. Christ ‘takes away the sin of the world.’  For all who believe, Christ wipes clean.  Do you view your brothers and sisters in Christ as sinners wiped clean or are you still keeping track of their sin and judging them by the things they have done instead of what Christ has done for them and for you?
John 1:35-42
Q. What is a disciple?
Q. Do you think John knew that when he declared Christ as the Lamb that his own disciples would leave him to follow Jesus?
Q. After Jesus invited Johns disciples to come with Him, what do you see the disciples do?
Q. How do the actions of the disciples challenge you today?
Q. All Christ followers are called to be Disciples of Jesus.  How does this identity shape you today?
Prayer:Father, I thank you that Jesus came not only to save but to be known by His followers.  Make Christ more beautiful to me today.  Cause the truths of who He is to penetrate my life today.  Embolden me to follow and to invite others to follow with me.
Application Q. John deliberately draws the attention of his disciples away from his work and towards the Savior.  For John, his purpose was to lead others to Jesus and not himself.  How does this challenge the way you exercise your influence over others?

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