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Devotion: John 1

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We are in the midst of a 14week study on the Gospel according to John.  Our aim is to pursue the person and promise of Jesus Christ as a community.  As we work through the Word together, we are making a short devotional available to you each week.
Reading: John1:1-5.
Q. What do you learn about Jesus from these verses?
Q. How you describe Jesus’ relationship to creation?
Q. What His relationship to life?
Q. What is His relationship to your life, as you experience it right now?
Prayer: Father, I thank you that you have revealed the true nature of Christ.  That my savior is not simply the author of life in heaven, he is the source, the reason for my life today.  
Deeper- Q. 
The Darkness doesn’t overcome HIM! How does this truth shape you in regards to the pain, uncertainty and stress you battle with today?
Reading: John 1:6-9
Q. How would you describe John the Baptist’s purpose in Christ’s work?
Q. Is the Baptist’s role different than you own?  In what way is it similar/different?
Q. How are you actively bearing witness to ‘the true light,’ Jesus Christ?
Q. What does the Scripture say is the purpose of John’s witness?  How does that shape the way you see the purpose of your own life?
Prayer: Father, I thank you that you have revealed yourself to me through Jesus Christ.  I ask that you cause me to live as a witness of Him and that my witness would be used by your Spirit to draw others to belief in your Son.
Deeper- Q. John was not the light.  He was not the main character but a supporting character.  As you reflect on your life, are you living as though Christ is the main character of your life story?
Reading: John 1:9-13

What do you learn about Jesus from these verses?

Q. How would you describe Christ’s relationship to this world?
Q. What reason does the Scripture give for ‘God’s own’ not receiving Him?
Q. What do these verses teach you about your relationship to God apart from Jesus Christ?
Prayer: Father, I thank you that you have brought light to the darkness through Jesus Christ.  Forgive me for loving the darkness, the things that promise to prop me up and to meet my needs that are against your character and your decrees.  Thank you, that you came to me, pierced the darkness not to judge by to make me new.

Deeper- Q. Christ gives life to ‘everyone’ and ‘anyone’- but there are only 2 possible responses we can give.  How does this change the way you think about your non-believing friends/family?
Reading: John 1:14-18

The eternal God became flesh; How does this shape the way you think about God and His relationship to creation?

Q. Why did Christ dwell in Creation as man?
Q. According to vv.16-18, what can we experience because of Christ's becoming flesh?

Prayer: Father, I thank you that you chose to speak to us in a way we could understand, becoming like us in the flesh and dwelling in your creation.  I think you that Christ came to proclaim grace and is the means by which I experience your grace.  Today, i pray i would experience His 'fullness' through your indwelling Spirit and your revealed word.

Deeper- Q. Christ's fullness results in grace upon grace, that is, in relation to the law, their is no degree of sin that can overcome Christ saving work.  All who trust in Him will experience the infinite weight of His grace for eternity.  How does this assure you before God today?

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